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Dong Nai province will open 8 more industrial zones in 2020

Dong Nai province's Management Board of Industrial Zones said that in 2020, Dong Nai province plans to open 8 new industrial zones.

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Talking to the reporter nhadautu.vn, Mr. Cao Tien Sy, Head of Dong Nai Industrial Zones Authority, said that in order to proactively welcome the wave of investment movement, Dong Nai has a plan to expand 3 industrial zones during the period. next time. That is, Dau Giay industrial park added 75 hectares, Long Khanh industrial park increased 500 hectares and Tan Phu industrial park increased 170 hectares.

The districts in Dong Nai also proposed to supplement the planning for 8 more industrial zones with an area of ​​over 4.3 thousand hectares. In which, there are 4 areas in Long Thanh district; districts of Nhon Trach, Thong Nhat, Cam My and Long Khanh city each propose one more industrial zone.

"If these proposals are approved, in the coming time, Dong Nai will have more than 5,000 hectares of land for industrial development", Mr. Sy said.

According to Mr. Sy, according to the plan of Vietnam Industrial Park approved by the Government, Dong Nai has 35 industrial parks. Thus, if there are 8 new industrial zones as proposed, Dong Nai will become the first locality in the country to exceed the mark of 40 industrial zones built to attract investment.

It is known that there are 32 industrial parks with a total area of ​​over 10,240 hectares; of which, there are 31 industrial parks in operation, the occupancy rate in industrial zones is more than 81% ... Since the beginning of the year, the industrial zones in Dong Nai have leased 50.3 hectares, concentrated in industrial zones: Nhon Trach 6, Loc An - Binh Son, Dau Giay, An Phuoc, Giang Dien ...

The head of the Dong Nai Industrial Zones Authority also added that out of 31 industrial parks in operation, about 20 zones have been nearly filled, the rest have quite favorable locations. rentable area is also not much.

Meanwhile, according to some infrastructure enterprises, shortly after the expiration of the social gap period, recently, some investors from Korea and Japan have come to the survey to invest in some areas. The industrial park still has land fund such as: Dau Giay Industrial Park, Nhon Trach 6, Bau Xeo ...

With the existing traffic connection system and a series of key national projects being deployed such as Long Thanh international airport, deep water port cluster system on Thi Vai river, Dong Nai river, railway and highways. Vung Tau - Bien Hoa expressway, North - South expressway in the East ... according to experts and businesses, these are advantages for Dong Nai to attract investment flows, especially new FDI. direction to move into Vietnam.

In addition, according to the report of Mr. Cao Tien Sy to the People's Committee of Dong Nai province on the operation of industrial zones in Dong Nai province in the first 6 months of 2020, from the beginning of the year until now, FDI in industrial zones has still reached. Impressive results despite being affected by Covid-19 translation.

Specifically, as of the end of June 2020, the Board has granted investment registration certificates to 40 new FDI projects with a total investment capital of 167,798,759 USD; Adjusted 271 FDI projects, of which 53 projects were adjusted to increase capital with an increase of capital of 479,074,288 USD. Generally, the total FDI attraction of Dong Nai reached 636,927,047 USD.

"Up to now, we have completed 60% of the annual FDI attraction target of USD 1.1 billion," said Mr. Sy.

Analyzing more about FDI inflows into Dong Nai, Mr. Sy said that at the same time, last year, there were 7 projects with investment capital of 10 million USD or more, this year only projects of Topband Smart Dong Co., Ltd. Nai has a large capital, with a registered capital of 20 million USD to invest in Loc An Industrial Park - Binh Son.

In particular, there are a number of notable projects adjusted to increase investment capital of large-scale manufacturing enterprises.

Specifically, Schaffler Vietnam Company increased capital by 50 million USD to expand production, supply to the domestic market and export all kinds of bearings, bringing the total investment capital to more than 166 million USD.

Or, Chang Shin Vietnam Company increased its capital by 87.4 million USD, with the operation goal of producing sports shoes, semi-finished sports shoes and exported garments, bringing the total investment capital more. 247 million USD.

In attracting investment capital, newly licensed projects are mainly in areas where investment is encouraged by Dong Nai. Of which, there were 22/40 newly licensed projects in the supporting industry, with registered investment capital of 121.3 million USD, accounting for 72.63% of the total newly registered capital.

Source of Investor: https://nhadautu.vn/dong-nai-se-mo-them-8-khu-cong-nghiep-d39670.html

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